Jiuzhaigou is one of the most beautiful places on earth. Listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Nature Reserve and National Park located in Aba autonomous prefecture, Sichuan Province about 430km north of Chengdu on the edge of Tibetan plateau in China. Characterized by crystal-clear turquoise lakes, stunning waterfalls and majestic mountain peaks, its name means “Valley of the Nine Villages” and refers to the nine Tibetan villages along the valley’s length, seven of which are still inhabited today

The Legend of Jiuzhaigou

Jiuzhaigou was created after an ancient goddness dropped a miror that her lover had given her, smashing it into 108 pieces.  

Best Time to Go

Each season brings with it different scenery. Autumn (middle Oct to early Nov) is generally considered the most beautiful with its multitude of colors. Winters are very cold, but much less crowded and when snow covers the valley it turns into a winter wonderland. Of course, snowfall might also make travel to and from the valley difficult. In spring, the flowers bloom and the rivers swell, meaning waterfalls are at their most impressive. Jiuzhaigou in the summer is greener than ever. July and August are the rainy season, but some of the most beautiful pictures of the valley are taken directly after a downpour.

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